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As we construct our new facility and get closer to operational status, Restoration Fuels will begin the process of hiring staff for our anticipated needs. These needs include administrative support, technical staff, and laborers. The following are some of the employment opportunities and essential job responsibilities we currently anticipate:


Assistant Plant Manager/Plant Engineer/Torrefier Production Supervisor – This position is an exempt salaried position and will be responsible for supporting the Operations Manager in all aspects of the operations. Additionally, this position will support organization growth opportunities as well as plant engineering and maintenance activities. An engineering diploma is preferred for this position (preferably mechanical engineering) but not a strict requirement. At least five years of work experience in a manufacturing environment.

Purchasing & Administrative Support – This position is a non-exempt salaried position and will be responsible for supporting all administrative functions of the organization including the purchase of raw material and operating & maintenance supplies, logistics support as needed, and accounting support as needed as well as essential administrative functions.

Quality Control Technician – The QC Technician will be hired to verify product quality and perform raw material and intermediate QC testing. Qualified candidates will be capable of performing various quality control testing and procedures. A flexible shift rotation will be developed to provide the coverage necessary to meet the needs of the organization. This technician will have matrixed responsibility to the Chief Technical Officer for assistance with process and product development activities in addition to the daily QC routines.

Dryer/Reactor (Torrefaction) Operators – Four operators will be hired and trained to operate the bed dryer and rotary kiln torrefaction unit. Qualified candidates will have technical acumen and will be required to be very safety conscious as they will be the senior (or lead) operator on each crew. They will be required to ensure safe operation and will be held accountable for production throughput goals.

Loader Operators – Up to four loader operators will work with Malheur Lumber staff to ensure an adequate supply of chips (raw material) are available and fed into the belt dryer system. Additionally, they will be responsible for all product loading and record keeping for shipments. 

Densification Operators – Up to four operators will be hired and trained to operate the product densification systems. Additionally, they will coordinate product loadout and shipments with the loader operators and ensure all product QC testing is completed prior to product shipping.

Maintenance Technicians – Two maintenance technicians, will be hired to provide maintenance support, equipment repairs, and minor process upgrades. As we will be integrating the Restoration Fuels operation into the existing infrastructure of the Malheur Lumber operation, the two maintenance technicians will provide maintenance service to both operations as required.

Electrician - Journeyman - Seeking a Journeyman Electrician. Requirements include a State of Oregon Journeyman's Electrician's License, and must be 18 years of age or older to operate equipment. Duties include the performing of all the functions of an electrician: Troubleshoot and repair machinery, electrical infrastructure and SCADA system; Facilitate proper lock out procedures for machinery and equipment; Take instruction from the Supervising Electrician and Department Superintendent; Report unsafe conditions to Supervisor; Assist co-workers with necessary cleanup work. The work week is typically a day shift with some off shift support. To learn more, download PDF below.

Millwright - Journeyman - Seeking a Journeyman Millwright, with at least four years experience. Experience required in the following: building and machinery repair, maintaining and troubleshooting hydraulic systems, reading and understanding blueprints and the application of such in building construction, fabrication, and machine installation, calibrating and using test equipment, Weld with Gas and Electric and cut with gas.18 years of age or older to operate equipment. The work week is typically a day shift with some off shift support. To learn more, download PDF below.



Salaried exempt employees will be paid an annual salary commensurate with their position, experience level, and relative cost of living for the John Day area. Salaried non-exempt employees will be paid an hourly wage (with OT wages for any time worked in excess of 40 hours per week) commensurate with their position and experience level.

Hourly employees will be paid an hourly wage in accordance with their level of responsibility and on a wage scale commensurate with the existing operating staff at Malheur Lumber. Overtime wages will be paid for any time worked beyond a 40 hour work week and potentially for any time worked beyond a regularly scheduled shift (See section on Schedule and Rotation).

Schedule and Rotation

Since the Restoration Fuels operation will operate on a 24-hr/day, 7-day/week schedule, a rotating shift schedule will be developed to ensure proper staffing at all times. This may be an 8-hour rotating work schedule, a 10-hour rotating schedule, or a 12-hour rotating schedule. Overtime payment will be based on this rotating schedule and in accordance with the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) requirements. The QC technician and maintenance technicians will not be required to follow the rotational schedule but may be required to work split shifts and/or odd hours depending upon the operational requirements.


Interested? Please send an email and resume to our Operations Manager, Joe Koerner, at to begin the conversation.